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Organizational Behavior Science

Leadership, Performance, Behavior Improvement

Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-selling Author

Outstanding Adjunct Professor Award from Endicott College

Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion

MMA Coach of the Year



Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni, a distinguished behavior scientist, educator, and leader, has shaped human performance and organizational leadership for nearly three decades. In various roles like COO, Vice President, School Administrator, and School Turnaround Manager, he's championed his innovative approach, rooted in behavioral science, to improve student behavior, educator performance, and school leadership across sectors.

With deep expertise in organizational behavior science, Dr. Gavoni addresses real-world education challenges, providing practical, science-based solutions and emphasizing his unwavering integrity. He fosters engaging academic environments, believing that excellence in teachers naturally leads to student success.

Dr. Gavoni's influence extends beyond education through his podcasts, bestselling books, and international speaking engagements. His writings offer fresh perspectives and actionable solutions, all grounded in behavioral science principles.

As a former Golden Gloves Heavyweight champion and combat sports coach, he applies behavioral science to coach champions in mixed martial arts, demonstrating his fearless approach and proactive nature in problem-solving.

Dr. Gavoni symbolizes integrity, excellence, and innovation in his diverse career, challenging conventional thinking in education, human services, and combat sports. His multifaceted work highlights the transformative potential of behavioral science and positions him as a guiding force in educational renewal and constructive change.


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Positional Authority Ain't Leadership

Organizational Behavior Science for Achieving Educational Outcomes

Bringing Out the Best in Students

Quick Wins for School Improvement

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 Organizational Science In Education

Behavioral Systems and Leadership 

Empowering Educators for Student Success

Transformative School Leadership

Keynote Address 
Interactive Workshops 
Panel Discussions


"I aspire to create learning environments where students, staff, faculty, and administrators eagerly anticipate each school day. It's about fostering a sense of excitement and belonging that makes every moment in the classroom meaningful."

- Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni

"Dr. Paul Gavoni's passion for behavioral science shines through in everything he does. Our team has benefitted immensely from his coaching and support over the past four years. His expertise in 'Deliberate Coaching' and his engaging webinar series have elevated our professional practice. Dr. Gavoni brings professionalism and educational leadership to a whole new level."


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Keynote for 3900 people for Dorchester School District

Hawaii DOE

Keynote for Pinellas County Public Schools

School Leadership Talk at Caesars Palace

Bucharest, Romania

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