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Elevating Organizational Culture and Leadership Excellence

Global Educational Collaboration

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Leadership in Educational Technology


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Dr. Darrin Peppard is a multifaceted professional with a profound impact on the world of education. His diverse roles as an author, leadership coach, consultant, and speaker converge to address critical aspects of educational development. Darrin's primary focus centers on the intricate domains of organizational culture and climate, as well as nurturing the growth of emerging leaders.

Darrin's accomplishments extend beyond his illustrious career. He stands as a celebrated author, with his book "Road to Awesome" achieving best-seller status. His literary work serves as a testament to his expertise in leadership, offering invaluable insights and guidance to those seeking to excel in the educational realm.

Moreover, Darrin takes his commitment to education to the airwaves as the esteemed host of the "Leaning into Leadership" podcast. Through this platform, he engages with a wide audience, disseminating wisdom, strategies, and inspiration related to effective leadership and educational excellence.

Darrin's journey in education has been marked by his role as a 'recovering high school principal.' With an impressive 26-year tenure in public education, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Through this rich and diverse background, he has gleaned a multitude of strategies and lessons, which he passionately shares with fellow educators and leaders.

His mission is clear: to empower leaders within the educational landscape, helping them gain clarity in their roles, discover joy in their work, and ultimately find purpose in their educational journey. Dr. Darrin Peppard's unwavering dedication and comprehensive expertise continue to shape and elevate the field of education, leaving an indelible mark on the leaders of tomorrow.

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"Darrin Peppard's inspiring messages about school culture and climate are a game-changer! His guidance offers practical solutions that educators can implement TOMORROW, making a tangible impact in their schools. Darrin's approach is not just useful; it's transformational. If you're looking for inspiration and actionable strategies to create a positive educational environment, he's your go-to expert!"


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