Charles Williams

Educational Consultant & Equity Champion


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Educational Consultant & Equity Champion

Leadership, Equity, and Mental Health


Charles Williams has dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to education, holding various roles such as teacher, assistant principal, and principal, catering to students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. His journey in education began with the School City of Hammond, the very district where he once studied as a student. Initially, Williams taught English Language Learner (ELL) students before transitioning to teaching high school English.

After five years of classroom teaching, he assumed the role of a mentor teacher, providing professional development and valuable feedback to his colleagues on implementing effective teaching practices. In 2012, Williams ventured into the charter sector, where he excelled as a lead teacher. Due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted twice in consecutive years, first to assistant principal and then to principal. Seeking new experiences, Williams relocated to Chicago, where he served as an elementary school principal for several years. He then returned to Michele Clark High School, this time as an assistant principal, further expanding his leadership expertise.

Apart from his impactful work within schools, Charles Williams also serves as an equity Champion in both the city of Chicago and the Chicago Public Schools. In these influential roles, he played a significant part in developing an Equity Framework adopted district-wide. Additionally, Williams participated in the inaugural cohort of Great Expectations Mentoring (GEM), a program that fosters minority leadership development and advocates for diversified school leadership within the Chicago Public Schools.

In 2017, Williams seized his first opportunity to deliver a presentation at the National ESSA Conference in his hometown of Chicago. Although the experience did not go as planned, he persevered and returned two years later, achieving great success. This accomplishment inspired him to establish his own consulting company, CW Consulting: Educational Services. Over the following years, Williams traveled across the United States and Canada, sharing his expertise as a speaker at various conferences and facilitating workshops for numerous school districts.

Moreover, he co-hosted the globally-oriented "Inside the Principal's Office," a show dedicated to addressing crucial issues in education, and co-authored a book by the same title. As a strong advocate for positive change, Charles Williams also hosts "The Counter Narrative Podcast," a weekly show aimed at challenging the prevailing negative narratives that perpetuate the marginalization of vulnerable populations. Through his multifaceted endeavors, Williams continues to make a lasting impact on the field of education, striving to create a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.

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 Elevating Leadership, Fostering Equity, and Prioritizing Mental Well-being